Our company is highly compromised by the safety of the transport. The risks inherent in the service of transport by road of dangerous goods do that the safety is an essential priority for Transportes Corfran. From his beginnings the company has guaranteed the safety not only for the workers, also for the rest of society. For it, all the departments of the company are managed under safety principles, from the management of traffic until the operations of workshop. This concern is articulated in connection with different procedures of management of the safety, prevention of labor risks and qualit management and in the development and implementation of a program BBS . In addition the company collaborates with different governmental regional authorities and national institutions for safety and prevention.

The importance of the safety does that it is necessary to establish evaluation systems and improvement systems by means of internal audits and external audits such as the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) defined by the European institute of the chemical industry CEFIC.

To accomplish this task Transportes Corfran have staff highly qualified and formed with the necessary resources to guarantee the safety of the activity and to solve the possible incidents that could be given. In addition, the company has a training program and recycling program about safety and transport destined for all the drivers in order to have high levels of qualification. The formation includes simulation exercise evaluation with all systems protection. We have also a hot line 24 hours.