Services we offer:

National and international transport of merchandise in liquid state.

With A.D.R., type FL and self unloading compressor.

Isolated road-tankers:
33000 liters of capacity, for merchandise that need to support the temperature. Equipped with steamlines to heat the product.
Vapour reflowline for unload in closed circuit.
Posibilidad de descarga por depósito o todos por el mismo acople.

No isolated road-tankers:
Single compartment road-tankers of 36000l. With gas exit for closed circuit, exits anti Drip (todo-matic) lateral y back.
Control automático de grado máximo de llenado.

Road-Tankers lining:
Hypalón o poliéster. With one o more compartments, for corrosive goods, (hipoclorito, clorhídrico. Etc.).

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Self unloading

Unloading by compressor of all kinds materials except inflammable.
Unloading by motor-pump.

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Traceability of our services, fleet tracking (GPS, GPRS.)

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